Father's Day: Loving Dads to Fill Their Cups

We thought we'd share some ideas based on the Five Love Languages so that you can show your love in a way that fills his cup.

Father's Day is a wonderful way to pause from our everyday lives to acknowledge the father figures in our lives. The first recorded Father's Day was on July 5, 1908 in Fairmont, West Virginia. It was proposed as a one-off service, by Grace Golden Clayton, after a tragic mining accident in their town. She wanted to honour all fathers, especially those that had died in the accident. Since then, Father's Day has become a tradition around the world. How can we celebrate the father figures in our lives beyond the ol' socks and undies gifts, though?

Quality Time

If Quality Time is your dad's love language, there are so many ways that you can spend Father's Day that are meaningful. 

1. Have a meal together. Whether it's a yummy brunch, getting the family together for a BBQ or a special dinner, enjoying a meal together can fill the cup of someone that values quality time. 

2. Take a walk in nature. New Zealand is full of beautiful walks, so why not pack a bag and take the family on a walk through nature? Some of our favourite walks around Auckland include the Mercer Bay Loop Track and Shakespear Regional Park.

3. Doing something he loves. Is he mad about golf? Take the family mini-golfing. Or perhaps he enjoys a good games night? You could get out the family friendly games and go head-to-head with an awesome selection of snacks to enjoy. 

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Words of Affirmation

1. Make him a nice card. I think everyone likes to hear nice things about themselves, but even more so those whose love language is Words of Affirmation. A simple, but meaningful letter or card makes a lovely gift.

2. A peronalised gift with words. Gift can be practical or they can be a meaningful to remind someone of the how much you love them. So why not get some personalised for dad - a photo frame, hammer, bottle opener or sign that lets them know how much you love them.

3. Homemade artwork. There are dozens of ideas all over Pinterest of painting and craft ideas with wonderful puns like 'Your hands down the best dad ever!' and 'Dad, you rock!'.

Dad cutout photo frame


Our father figures that love gifts can sometimes be the easiest to buy for, but sometimes they're the most difficult because they have everything!

1. Gift their favourite treats. This could be anything from their favourite chocolates, a special liquor, or a gift card to their favourite cafe or restaurant. You could even make it super special by gifting in their very own gift basket, like our personlised Father's Day baskets.

2. Gift around their interests and hobbies. Why not get something made that is personalised and related to their interests. We have a pretty fantastic collection of personalised gifts that could do the trick. Is he a budding chef? A custom serveboard. Or perhaps a medal collecting runner? A personalised hanging medal display. Does he love craft beers or is he more about reading the latest thriller? We have custom bottle openers, bookmarks and more.  

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Acts of Service

I personally find Acts of Service love language one of the trickiest to feel like I've given something meaningful. But here are some ideas that can show those with this love language how much you care.

1. Give him a full day of your time. Whether it's a day of gardening, washing the cars or clearing out the shed, you can show your love by doing tasks that your dad, husband, grandpa or father-in-law has had on the to do list.

2. Gift a chores ticket booklet. This can be a thoughtful DIY option. Put together a selection of chores that Dad normally does and make a ticket book for you to do at any time. 

3. Make him breakfast. It's something we do every day, so why not make an effort and make a special breakfast.

Personalised tape measure and hammer  

Physical Touch

1. Watch a movie together. Get the popcorn and other movie snacks out, cuddle up on the couch together or build a fort and watch a movie.

2. Breakfast in bed with a foot rub. Probably not for the ticklish people, but this could be a lovely way for the kids to get involved - have them work together to make breakfast and then give Dad a foot rub while he enjoys the (possibly burnt) breakfast.

3. Have the kids do a massage station. It could be while he's enjoying watching some sports on the tele or reading a book, but get the kids to set up a message station, maybe with a new back massager or something similar.


However you celebrate, we hope you have a lovely time honouring the dads in your life.